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Hong Kong Imports Inc.

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About Us

Hong Kong Imports Ltd. is a family-run, 8 staff member business located in Markham, Ontario, Canada.  We have been in business for over 35 years importing and wholesaling goods in Canada.  Originally, Hong Kong Imports Ltd. was a retail store located in the heart of downtown Toronto. We began importing goods for the store from Hong Kong.  Although we still use the name Hong Kong Imports, we now import over 5000 different types of products from Japan and China.

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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us.  We do not sell, rent or give your information to anyone. Your information is kept strictly confidental and will only be used to communicate to you directly about your order or exclusive sales. If you do not wish to be contacted about future sales, please email us to remove yourself from the list.

Our Goals

We strive to provide the best customer care and service we as we possibly can at all times. Our goal is to deliver the best product at the best value to our customer. We welcome any comments or questions, because there is always room for improvement when you strive for excellence.

The Quality of Our Products

Though our products do not have "Fair Trade" status, we can assure you that all our products have not been, in any way, produced by children or through unfair wages. Our dishware & giftware are quality products produced in professional factories in Japan and China. Our apparel & green tea (Kimono, Yukata & purses) are produced in Japan by family run businesses.  The luxury blended teas are from tea gardens that have been personally inspected and visted by our master tea taster.

Contributing to Local Community & Overseas Causes

At Hong Kong Imports we truly believe in using what we have to help others. Our staff members are actively dedicated to helping many local & overseas community non-profit organizations, hospitals and foundations. Some organizations include: Mon Sheong Foundation for Geriatric Care (http://www.monsheong.org/), Hope for the Future (http://www.hopeforthefuture.ca/),  Nicaragua Hope (http://www.nicaraguahope.org/), Across U Hub Leadership Program.  In addition, within our staff of 8, we sponsor a total of 6 World Vision Hope Children (http://www.worldvision.org/) and we highly encourage you to do the same! A little makes a big difference.